Calm Your Inner Critic

Explorative Support Group

A therapeutic space to explore your self-critical thoughts
and learn ways to manage your anxiety.

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Viki Dimopoulos

Do you have a loud inner critic?

Do you struggle with overthinking and anxiety? Do you have high expectations for yourself or wonder if you are your own harshest critic? Maybe you find yourself thinking things like:

  • You’re going to fail.
  • Why are you procrastinating? You’re so lazy.
  • You shouldn’t feel this way.

Everyone has an inner critic: that internal voice that judges our feelings and behaviour. A healthy dose of the inner critic can help us acknowledge areas for improvement. But when our inner critic gets too loud or too aggressive, this can lead to stress and a fear of failure.

You might be doubting yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you set high standards for yourself and feel deeply disappointed if you don’t meet them. The thoughts and feelings you are experiencing may feel “out of control” and this can be overwhelming to navigate alone. Carrying the weight of a harsh inner critic can feel absolutely exhausting.

How this group can help

  • A safe space to share & explore: Everyone in the group will have experienced similar feelings and challenges with their inner critic. It’s a validating experience to connect with others who can relate and understand you.
  • A network of learning & encouragement: Through group discussions, you will better understand your relationship to your inner critic and why it’s so harsh. You’ll learn what makes it hard to change your thinking patterns and you’ll begin to develop self compassion.
  • Professional feedback & support: We’ll explore what triggers your inner critic and practice ways to calm it when it gets out of hand. Through a combination of psycho-education and professional support, you will feel empowered to try out new ways of thinking and speaking to yourself.

How the group works

We’ll meet once a week for 6 weeks online via Zoom. The group will have 3-6 participants and sessions will last 60 minutes.

This is an explorative support group, which means it’s is a therapeutic space where you can explore your relationship to your inner critic and feel supported to try out new, less self-critical ways of thinking. I will provide some structure in the form of psycho-education, discussion questions, exercises, and input, and I will invite you to share your own experiences and reflections.

Some of the themes and questions we’ll tackle include:

  • What triggers my inner critic?
  • What makes it so hard to "calm" it?
  • Why do I struggle to accept compliments?
  • In what way might my inner critic be trying to help me?
  • What could self compassion look like for me?
  • I want to make changes; where do I start?


£50 per session. 6 x 60-minute weekly sessions. Option of a one-off £300 payment at time of booking or a payment plan starting at time of booking.

Cancellations: Once you've decided to join the group, I ask that you commit to the full duration of 6 sessions in order to get the most from it. I ask for full payment regardless of cancellations or non-attendance. I am unable to provide refunds, so let's chat before you join to make sure it's a good fit.


What are the benefits of a group vs. 1-to-1 therapy?
I’ve never had therapy before. Is this group for me?
Can I do 1-to-1 therapy at the same time as the group?
I can’t attend live. Will the sessions be recorded?
Can I join from outside the UK? Can I pay in a different currency?
What if I’m looking for longer-term support?

How to join the group

If you’re interested in this group, the first thing I do is meet with everybody to check that it’s the right fit. To arrange this, sign up below and you’ll receive a link to book a free 15-minute video call with me.

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