Therapy for Songwriters

And Other Creative Musicians

You may be here if…

  • You are working as or studying to be a songwriter, composer, or other type of creative musician

  • OR you are not working or studying in these areas, but creative musical expression is an important hobby for you (for example, you write songs or compose music in your free time)

  • You are struggling with music-related issues such as performance anxiety, pressure to succeed, pushing yourself too hard, writer’s block, procrastination, or questions of identity, such as “Who am I outside of my music?”

  • Your self-confidence is dependent on your musical achievements which makes it hard to build yourself back up after rejection or a less-than-perfect performance

  • The reason you are seeking counselling may not be related to music, but you might be interested in bringing your musical creativity into our counselling work or working with a counsellor who sees and understands this part of you

Whether or not the difficulties you are currently facing are related to your music, I offer the option to use your songwriting to work through what you’re experiencing.

You probably already know that creating music can feel “therapeutic”: it allows you to let it all out, process your feelings, and even understand yourself better. I see your creativity as a unique strength that we can actively use in our counselling sessions, if you would like to. Together we can tap into the aspects of making music that help you feel the most balanced, grounded, and authentic to yourself, while using your creativity as a tool to gain more clarity and self-fulfilment.

If you are struggling with something related to your music…

I create space for you to explore what might be behind issues such as writer’s block, procrastination, and performance anxiety. If you have a loud inner critic and can be quite hard on yourself and your music, I can help you develop a more accepting and compassionate inner voice. If an unsuccessful audition or harsh feedback can break your self-confidence, we can explore ways to build your resilience. If perfectionism causes you to put too much pressure on yourself or feel deeply disappointed when you don’t meet the standards you set, we can explore ways you can build a healthier relationship with yourself and your music.

It might feel confusing or frustrating that music can bring you both stress and joy. Our work is to shed light on what is difficult so that you can spend more time enjoying what you do. If you might be interested in working with me, I encourage you to contact me to arrange a free 15-minute consultation.

If the reason you’re seeking counselling is NOT related to your music…

It can still be useful to acknowledge or use your creativity in our counselling work. For example, when you share something with me, in addition to providing a space to talk about the feelings that have come up for you, I offer the possibility to express what you are feeling by improvising or composing a short piece of music and then talking through the meaning of this together. I offer no judgement or feedback about your music, but rather genuine curiosity and compassion for your emotional experience, as well as a space in which you can express yourself freely.

Although traditional counselling and songwriting can each be helpful to you on their own, I believe that combining them can be a uniquely meaningful and validating experience. If you might be interested in working with me, I encourage you to contact me to arrange a free 15-minute consultation.

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