Therapy for Carers

And Other Caring People

You may be here if you…

  • Are a paid or unpaid carer, a parent, or someone who often puts other people’s needs before your own

  • Feel overwhelmed, tired, or frustrated due to how demanding or draining it can be to focus your attention on other people

  • Feel that others don’t see you or understand how challenging it can be to give so much of yourself

  • Need a break, space for yourself, or time for self-care, but you are unsure how to balance caring for others with caring for yourself

If you are wondering how you can balance caring for others and caring for yourself…

I would love the opportunity to work together with you to find this balance. I offer a space where we can explore how you might feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled in your caring (and other) relationships. I help you clarify what you need as well as what makes it difficult for you to find space for yourself, your feelings, or your needs. Perhaps you would benefit from setting healthier boundaries, practicing more self-compassion, or finding ways to recharge your internal battery so that you feel less drained — we can explore all of this together.

If you are someone who is used to spending more time and energy on helping others than on thinking about yourself, it may feel difficult to find or make time for your own personal therapy. I believe that you have already taken an important step by considering reaching out for counselling, as this means that a part of you feels that you could benefit from setting aside this time. If you might be interested in working with me, I encourage you to contact me to arrange a free 15-minute consultation.

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